Coaching Companions

Coaching Companions began as a conversation I had in early 2007 with a wise friend, where I realized that we shared a common yet inchoate dream. Over steaming cups of tea (and plenty of crispy ginger cookies), Kelly helped me to articulate my desire to accompany women in the exploration of finding their own voice in a complex and demanding world. I wanted to walk alongside women (such as yourself) both figuratively and literally, and help to uncover your unique “magic.” Not just reveal it, but give it life and voice and purpose.

Our diverse backgrounds provided the perfect chemistry to bring Coaching Companions into being. Kelly, my right-brain friend with a keen eye for the artistry of life, brought creativity and visual form to our ideas. As an author and artist, Kelly wove thoughts and ideas into beautiful expression. I brought my comprehensive background in business and executive coaching. I relish discovering the patterns and pathways that guide us (and sometimes block us), and forging new roads to learning. Travel, hiking, and kayaking are a few of the things I love to do which allow me to see the awesome sense of order juxtaposed with the riotous creativity found in nature. In my coaching work, I seek to combine complementary gifts and talents with my clients' own vast experience, generously sprinkle with fun and laughter, and season with wisdom.

Like you, my insights are born out of life’s experiences that have brought me joy, sadness, loss, abundance, and humility. I believe there are many of you who share a passion for becoming who you were meant to be, and for sharing what you discover with others, who in turn teach us so much. I hope you will join me and other life explorers along the way, as from time to time I offer different opportunities for personal and professional growth. It will be my pleasure and privilege to walk alongside you.

Sharon Keys Seal, P.C.C.